Education is very critical in any society. It is the process by which an individual’s skills and abilities are developed. These abilities can be physical, emotional, social and intellectual. It is the actualization of human potential so that the individual can become an improved version of themselves.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), schools are the building blocks of our children’s academic careers. Currently, the Ghanaian education system is divided into six years of elementary education and three years of junior secondary education (jointly referred to as basic education), followed by three of senior secondary education and standard four-year university programs (6+3+3+4). In Ghana, schools are primarily divided into two that is, private and public schools. Public school comprises of schools generally overseen by the government of Ghana, whereas Private schools is a business enterprise run by members of the general public or other well established societies such as churches and other businesses. The average child spends 6-8 hours of their time a day at school, so it is very important that you as a parent choose a school that matches your child’s personality and suits you. There are a couple of things that one will have to know or consider before successfully choosing a school in Ghana to please both parents and children as well.

Here are some of the factors to consider;

Qualifications of Teachers and Management – The management can build or destroy schools. Competent managers master the challenges associated with running a school and ensure that things go smoothly. In fact, qualified and experienced teachers create a positive learning environment which benefits students. A good school in Ghana needs to offer training programs to help teachers improve their knowledge and skills.

The Value and Culture of the School – The importance of academic values cannot be underestimated. This set of ethics will not only help students distinguish right from wrong but also shape their thinking. In addition to quality education, you need to choose a school in Ghana whose values will promote positive behaviour. It is important to check that the school values synchronize with your family values. This will promote consistency and holistic development of learners.

A school with good culture can create dedicated teachers and influence student outcomes. The best schools in Ghana have healthy culture and they encourage teachers to expand their knowledge, prioritize professional development, and also connect more with students. This helps greatly in improving student achievement. It also helps students make smart decisions.

You may want to choose a school with an engaged staff, a nurturing environment, a sense of total responsibility, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Impressive Extracurricular activities – Extracurricular activities in Ghanaian schools have a huge impact on the lives of students. Participation in sports, music, and extracurricular programs will develop teamwork skills, bond with other students, and explore other interests. These activities can also enhance a student’s personal and moral values. To ensure that your child contributes to a better learning process, you need to understand the extracurricular activities offered by the schools.

Safety and Security – Students spend a significant amount of time at school. Regardless of your child’s age, safety should be considered when choosing the best school in Ghana for your child.

A safe and secure environment will provide students with the open space they need to explore, learn and grow. Lessons learnt will be with these students throughout their lives.

 Location of the school – You need to think about the location and area in which the school is situated, it might sound a bit obvious, but the location of the school can have a huge impact on your child’s life and yours. The location of the school is important because study shows that children are more productive in a serene, healthy and safe environment. It is also ideal that your child’s school is close to where you currently live. Drop-offs and pick-ups from school becomes relatively easier and lessens your work load after a long day at work. As a parent, you wouldn’t want to constantly stress and worry about your ward being too far from home and in an unsafe environment.

Undoubtedly, Weija and its environs is a community or area centralized with top notch Ghanaian schools, schools that do not only focus on academic growth but also on the holistic growth of your child. Schools in Weija are well noted for academic excellence and discipline in Ghana. When it comes to the Basic Education Certificate Examination, schools concentrated in Weija are known to produce excellent results. Below are some of the best schools near weija preferably, close to Eden heights.


1. Hazelway International School

Hazelway International School

Facebook Page: Hazelway International School

Located a few meters after the Mallam junction, Hazelway international school is committed to being one of the preferred educational institutions in the country and providing the best platform that encourages each learner’s different personality.

The Mission of the School;

Mission: “The mission of H.I.S is to create a happy, safe, dynamic learning and a God-centered environment, to promote critical thinking and equip learners with appropriate skills. H.I.S will also provide conducive climate for teaching and learning, build a vibrant and contended staff team and encourage maximum parental involvement in a child-centered education”

2. Kent International School

Kent International School

Website: Kent International School

KENT is one of Ghana’s leading Christian International Schools, providing excellent holistic education for children from the age of 6 months and above. Kent international school is a private International School which is located behind West Hills Mall off the Malam Kasoa road adjacent Eden Heights estate. This school offers International standard of education in Ghana. They offer Cambridge and Ghanaian curriculum, IGCSE and A’level education.

3. West Hills School

West Hill School

Facebook Page: West Hills School

West hills school is a private basic education establishment that provides services from crèche to junior high. It is located at Weija- Bortianor (Redtop)

4. West End international school

WestEnd International School

Website: West End International School

West End international school is a private international school that offers both the GES and Cambridge curriculum. This school is located at Ngleshi Amanfro in Weija. It is diverse, accepting and passionate about providing the best educational experience for children. West End international school, provides services from Preschool to JHS according to the GES curriculum, and offers services from primary to upper secondary according to the Cambridge curriculum.

5. Faith Montessori

Faith Montessori school

Website: Faith Montessori School

With a controlled student population of 660 students, the school prides itself on ensuring that every student admitted to the Faith Montessori family considers themselves extremely lucky. Their 13:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that students always receive the utmost care and support they need. This school is Christ-centered and holistic quality education that transcends the here and now, it also has a challenging curriculum tailored to embrace the different multicultural backgrounds of their students. Indeed, your ward would find studying at Faith very stimulating, competitive and rewarding. Faith Montessori is located No. 152 Nii Kpakpa Osiakwan Road Gbawe – Accra.

6. Startrite Montessori School

Startrite Montessori School

Website: Startrite Montessori School

Startrite Montessori School is one of the best Montessori education system in Ghana for children from 3 months to 15 years old. Located in Kasoa, Startrite provides a peaceful environment for your child’s learning. They also offer Cambridge IGCSE – Cambridge International Examinations as well as the GES curriculum.

7. Westfield Montessori

Westfield Montessori School

Website: Westfield Montessori School

Through their unique curriculum and extracurricular programs, your child will be exposed to a world-class learning environment, learning from a diverse group of young people and teachers. They graduate as well-educated individuals equipped with all the essential qualities and skills needed to face the world. Westfield is located on the Accra- Cape coast road-Weija.

This article makes it crystal clear that, if you’re looking for a safe and also productive area to send your children to school, you should definitely check out the school in Weija, most importantly those near Eden Heights Estate. Schools in this area are nothing short of excellent and also breath-taking.



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