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In an all-perfect world, all of us would be able to afford a spacious and beautiful apartment. Fortunately for you, Eden Heights believes we can have this all-perfect world and wants you to have a slice of it. There are tons of ways to make a big apartment feel cosy. But first, we need to talk about the basics and some ways the right interior décor can make your space feel cosier than ever.  

Eight (8) Tips to Make Your Big Apartment Feel Cosy

 Don’t underestimate the power of good apartment space, so do not limit your apartment decorating ideas only to the living room and dining area, but also include your bedrooms, bathrooms, and even areas like the kitchen, as they play an important role in creating a warm, homely ambiance. By the way, did you know our apartment sizes here in Ghana are bigger than most? So, how do we keep them cosy? By understanding these interior decorating tips.

1. Use Smart Storage

Smart Storage

Smart Storage

When you first walk into a new space, it can feel small and cold. But there are ways to make your big apartments feel cosy. Hidden storage is one way. Luckily for you, Eden Heights has very cool hidden storage for our residents to make the most of.

Our modern apartments are big and stylish, and there is enough space for your friends and family. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this in an apartment without spending a fortune on storage solutions, but that still looks impressive enough. Like using a piece of dual-purpose furniture in your living room. If you are working on a small budget, add under-the-counter shelving, vertical storage, and so much more. Basically, you can make the most of small and vacant spaces in your home.

2. Use Mirrors

Mirrors in a Room

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to make a big apartment feel cosy. A good apartment interior design trick is to use mirrors. Utilising mirrors is a smart interior design strategy for apartments, and it can open up a room and reflect light, making it feel brighter and more welcoming. Using tall mirrors can illuminate dark areas of the space, and for spaces with low ceilings, it can provide the illusion that the ceiling is higher. To make a dining area or a small bathroom feel bigger and brighter, hang a mirror close to a window.

Interior Décor TIP: For “Feng Shui,” place mirrors opposite beautiful views because they allow you to quickly increase the size and amount of light in a room. Also, hanging a mirror next to clutter could reflect negative energy. Is that what you want your mirrors to reflect? Also, mirrors in the living room are thought to increase the festiveness of gatherings by doubling the number of attendees.

3. Break The Room Into Sections

Break Room Into Sections

hBreak room Into Sections

Big spaces can be tough to decorate, but they don’t have to be. If you break them into sections, they will feel much more manageable. You should also consider adding pictures or artwork to each section of your home so that it doesn’t feel like one big open space. For living room interior decoration, if the living room is particularly big, you might want to set up two complete seating sections. Use furniture you can easily look over to delineate the division while maintaining the flow between the two areas. A daybed, bench, or chaise is a wonderful choice. 

Use colour and pattern to break up large spaces and make them appear more compact. This will help give your apartment character and personality, which are two things that can be hard to find in a big space! Remember that large rooms don’t need to be cluttered with lots of furniture or decorations; they just need the right furniture and decorations in the right places. 

 Query: How to create storage for families

If you have a large family, your apartment could use some extra storage space. The good news is that creating a spacious feeling doesn’t have to be expensive.

It is best for families with children to designate or have a distinct location for almost everything, as it will make cleanup much simpler. Toys and blankets store well in straw baskets. Additionally, they are simple to clean, which is crucial if you want to keep the kids content and healthy.

4. Use Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Statement objects are key to stylish apartment decor. It takes a designer’s attention to detail to ensure that the spacious residence radiates elegance, flair, and grandeur.

In a large residential complex, that’s not something that can be done easily, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Eden Heights has apartment design ideas that can help your house feel cosier. Opting for statement pieces means going in for ones that bring life to even the grandest of rooms. Try creating a focal point in your apartment, such as a bold abstract artwork that can make an entranceway stunning, or you can use a large mirror that will improve the sense of space, and it will help direct attention to that space and away from any awkward-looking large furniture. 


5. Customise Your Storage

Customised Storage


Customised Storage

Customising your storage to make big apartments feel cosy is a great way to keep your home organised and look good in the process. 

To make your apartment feel cosy, focus on organising and designing with a purpose. Whether it’s organising things by colour or by type (like books or spices), consider using containers of all sizes instead of boxes and bins where possible, as they help store clutter. This will save space and keep things neat and tidy.

Query: How to customise your apartment space?

Here are some interior décor ideas for making your apartment feel cosier:

  • To increase your hanging area, install a second garment rod underneath the first one.
  • Place a shoe rack behind the closet door (s).
  • Consider getting rid of items like old phones, spare keys, and other items that are no longer useful or necessary in your life.
  • Organise your closet to make the most of your space.
  • Buy a few extendable shelves. There is a good variety on the market, from wood to plastic and everything in between so pick your poison.


6. Use of lighting


Lights for Interior Design


Lighting is one of the most important elements in making your apartment feel cosy. A decent light fixture can significantly alter how a room looks. It can be applied in a variety of contexts, from enhancing comfort to producing spectacular effects.

The appropriate use of warm lighting is the secret to making a house feel more welcoming. You must include lighting options in your interior décor strategy. It’s easy to get creative with lighting when designing an interior space. For instance, if a room only has one window, think about highlighting it by placing some additional lights behind it or above it. Or if your apartment is small, opt for interior decor that goes with sheer curtains. If you choose thick curtains, they might block out all of your light, which isn’t a good thing. The way you use lighting in your apartment can make a big difference in how cosy it feels.

 Here are some top interior décor tips for using lighting to make your big apartments feel cosy:

  •  Use low wattage lamps
  •  Avoid using too many lamps
  • Turn the lights off when you leave the room
  • Choose dimmer switches and bulbs that suit your mood and style.

Query: What apartment can I buy that allows me to customise my space (Eden Heights)?

Big apartments can be a tough sell for people, as they’re often cold and impersonal, lacking in character and charm. That is why we have apartments that allow you to customise your own space. Click here to check them out.

7. Picking Inviting Colour Schemes

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

A big apartment is a big investment, and you don’t want to spend your money on a room that doesn’t feel comfortable or homey. As the saying goes, a little bit of colour goes a long way, so pick your patterns and colours wisely. By sticking with similar hues or colour themes that you may follow throughout each space, you can create coherence. Larger spaces might feel more manageable by using dark colours. The good lighting and white and blue accents make this area feel warm and not dark. The best way to create a nice atmosphere in your apartment is to use warm colours when decorating. Another excellent method for making a large space feel smaller is wallpaper.

Tips for living room interior decoration: Choosing a colour palette for the walls, ceiling, and furniture should come first when decorating a living room. The overall look and feel of the room will be significantly impacted by this. 

To create a calm environment in the room, utilise neutral hues like white or grey.

8. Don’t Make The TV The Main Focal Point

Big Room

Big Room

For living room interior decoration, a big living room does not need a TV as the main focus of the space. Instead, try to incorporate some other features into your decorating scheme that will draw attention to something else. For example, if there are two or three TV sets in different places around your home, consider adding some art or potted plants to break up the monotony. Try positioning the furniture so that chairs and couches face one another rather than the TV, then reposition the TV so that it is off-center from the wall or room.

Interior Décor Idea: Try to avoid setting up your TV next to or in front of a window, especially one that faces west. This will reduce the amount of glare and light shining on the screen.

Designing your apartment is the best way to make it feel like home. Search for appropriate colours and textures, as well as plants and other greenery to brighten the space. Remember not to buy all your interior décor from one shop. Try different shops to get a feel of what works best for you and your space. Also, don’t forget to include plenty of soft furnishings, such as pillows. and blankets, to give the space a pleasant atmosphere. Even though the world is not perfect, your apartment can be. Call us today to find your perfect apartment. 


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