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Eden Heights

Introducing Eden Heights

Introducing Eden Heights, the stunning new addition to the downtown West Hills elegance. A perfect blend of breathtaking architecture designed with awe-inspiring interiors envisioned.

Eden Heights offers a unique residential space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and opulence, in addition to a world-class sports facility, on-site management office, ample parking, in a serene environment.

Two Bedroom

luxury bedroom

Total Area: 115.16 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 17.28 Sqm
1 Living Room: 35.88 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 11.65 Sqm

Three Bedroom Standard

Total Area: 151.96 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 19.01 Sqm
1 Living Room: 31.00 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 9.36

Three Bedroom Plus Study

Total Area: 181.03 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 16.97 Sqm
1 Living Room: 48.37 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 14.50 Sqm

Four Bedroom

Total Area: 191.46 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 20.02 Sqm
1 Living Room: 51.80 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 14.25 Sqm

Penthouse Standard

luxury room

Total Area: 312.29 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 19.72 Sqm
1 Living Room: 37.37 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 23.17 Sqm

Penthouse Deluxe

luxury room

Total Area: 356.58 Sqm
Master Bedroom: 42.03 Sqm
1 Living Room: 55.38 Sqm
1 Kitchen: 15.82 Sqm

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