Ghana is considered a tourist destination in West Africa. Every year, thousands from different parts of the world visit historic places in various regions in Ghana.

The many and varied tourist destinations could account for why Ghana is a recognized sought-after “home away from home”. Notable ones are the beaches that we have in the country.

Below are popularly patronized beaches in the country:

Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite is a town about 25km west of Accra. It is popular for fishing and its related activities. It is 45 minutes’ drive away from the Kotoka International Airport and the Central Business District. The beach is again 22 minutes’ drive away from Eden Heights – a remarkably crafted gated community in Ghana.

Kokrobite is ideal for expatriates, volunteers, and indigenes who want a break from their busy work life. and. The sandy beach has many palm trees on the shore serving as a shade and space for tourists. The beach is tidy and secured thereby creating a serene atmosphere for fun and relaxation.

Kokrobite beach offers tourists the following services and activities:

  • Swimming and surfing
  • Artifacts, clothes, and made-in-Ghana products from different vendors with stands at affordable price
  • Beach football
  • Watching boats on the shore
  • Nightlife with music and dance
  • International and local cuisine at various restaurants close to the beach

For tourists who worry about finding the safest place to spend the night, there are good hotels and motels within range gat a good price.

They include:

  • White Sands Beach Resort and Spa

The Sands Beach Resort is within the reach of Kokrobite beach. It is an hour drive to the beach, well known for class, serenity, luxury, and modernity. The beach is patronized by locals and foreigners who come there for vacation.

There is a Helipad, restaurants and bars, private beach, clubhouse, and tennis court at the beach. The eco-friendly nature of the resort is influenced by the garden that has different, local and exotic species of trees and plants.

The magnificent setting and design of the luxurious resort demonstrates a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.  Guests are offered cuisine of local and international flavour. The atmosphere of the resort offers comfort and a memorable experience.

  • Big Milly’s Backyard

Big Milly is relatively the oldest hotel in Kokrobite. It is about 25 years old and most proximate to the beach.

Currently, the property has over 25 rooms, 150 trees of different species, 30 different bird species, a colony of bats, pets, and coconut trees – all to give visitors a feel of nature

The hotel provides international and local cuisine. The accommodation fee is moderate. One of the interesting things about the Big Milly is the pleasing view of the tropical beach since it is very near.

  • Korkor Inn

Korkor Inn offers tourists spacious apartments that come in different types. The hotel is a few meters away from Bill Milly.  It also offers guests the perfect view of the beach, and value for money.

  • Kokrobite Garden 

Kokrobite Garden is a guesthouse very close to the beach. It is within walking distance. The guesthouse comes with a beautiful garden that entertains visitors with hammocks, tire swing, and gazebo at a relaxing spot. Accommodation varies in type and with an affordable price range. Tourists will be served local and international cuisine

  • De Holiday Beach Hotel

This Hotel is located close to the Kokrobite beach. It is 12 minutes’ walk to the beach.  It offers tourists different rooms at an affordable price range. It has an outdoor pool, with a fitness center as well as playing grounds for both adults and children. The hotel offers some of the best local and international cuisine.

Kokrobite beach is an escape from the Accra for a relaxing time and family day out.

Prampram Beaches

Prampram is a fast-growing coastal community. It is the capital of the Ningo-Prampram District in the Greater Accra Region.

Prampram is in the spotlight due to the surrounding atmosphere of industries and its proximity to the Tema Port (15 minutes’ drive) and Accra (45 minutes’ drive). Prominent institutions like Ghana Football Academy, Tema Golf Club, and Central University are close to Prampram. It has a good road network connecting Ghana to Togo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Benin. Also, accessibility to Ada estuaries, Shai Hills, Akosombo, and Malls are in range.

The town is famous for pleasure beaches which provide leisure for those seeking vacation.

Some of the beach resorts are

Signature Tribe Beach Resort

Signature Tribe Beach Resort gives a spectacular ocean view side of the sunset and sunrise. The resort has been designed to make room for personalized functions such as corporate events, private parties, weddings on the coast.

It a green and serene environment with a large outdoor space for recreational activities. The resort has the perfect facilities with an indoor swimming pool. The cost of rental and accommodations are moderate.

Coconut Pointe Villa and Beach Resort

This exquisite beach is privately owned and in Prampram. It has over 400 feet of beach frontage with a neat and serene environment. The beach allows for sports and recreation activities.

The resort serves guests with the best local and international cuisine and beverages. It has a bar and a restaurant. Accommodation prices are moderate, and all the rooms are fully furnished. Simply, it is just home away from home.

Prambeach Resort/Golden Beach/Legacy Tribe Resort

Prambeach provides tourists a choice avenue to eat, drink, relax, and enjoy. The resort has a beautiful landscape with different, affordable. It has all the needed facilities for comfort. These beaches are surrounded by palm tree shade with many hand-carved canoes on the sea and in the land.

The Palms of Prampram

The Palms of Prampram is also a private resort with exceptional facilities – swimming pool, luxury lounges, relaxing spa, piano bar, and many others. The prices range 459ghs to 3,000ghs depending on the preference of tourists for accommodation.

Accruase Paradise

Further, Accruase Paradise provides great hospitality to tourists with the needed facilities. Facilities there include an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, beach area, and many others. The accommodation has a starting price of 100USD

Solé Lodge

Solé Lodge is proximate to the beach with about 5 minutes’ drive. It has the needed facilities that bring comfort to the tourists. Prices for the accommodation are moderate with great hospitality.

Most of the resorts along the beaches have accommodation for a stayover.

Keta Beaches
Photo credit: @kwamenabolton

Keta is the capital of Keta Municipal Assembly in the Volta Region. The beautiful town with a population of over 24,000 people is sitting where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Keta offers tourists distinct attractions and hospitable people.

There is a rich showcase of cultures and history and tourists enjoy endless opportunities during their stay.

Interestingly, the Keta Beaches are a striking attraction for one to visit.  The most popular beaches there include:

Aborigines Beach Resort

The Aborigine Beach resort is home for anyone looking for a trip out of Accra to the Volta Region. The resort is 20 years old and has seen transformation and expansion with different accommodation types for tourists. The resort has 28 rooms with beautiful summer huts that make rest pleasurable. The setting of the resort is done to blend modernity without losing cultural essence.

The Resorts offer tourists with exquisite accommodation and recreational facilities which include;

  • Tour guide
  • Restaurants
  • Beach Bar and grill
  • Volleyball
  • Conference hall
  • Beach football
  • Boat rides
  • swimming beach
  • Live band and many others

Tourists who are looking for something different nature has to offer should choose this place.

Keta Lagoon Resort

The Keta Lagoon Resort sits on the coast of the Keta Municipality. The resort is built with palm trees with a detached roof. It is considered an eco-friendly resort. Interestingly, it is built in the Keta Lagoon.

The Keta Lagoon, the largest in the country has a length of 126.13km in length with a water area of 300km.

The uniquely built Keta Lagoon Resort offers an array of side attractions to tourists.

Some of these include;

  • Drinking bar
  • Conference hall
  • Restaurant
  • Boat riding
  • Beach football

The Resort is well patronized during the festivals where people experience different cultures in the Volta Region.

The accommodation price is fairly moderate with the best hospitality.

For those who chase after a striking experience with value for money considerations, look no further than Keta Lagoon Resort.

Takoradi Beach (Atlantic)

Sekondi-Takoradi is referred to as the” twin cities” of Sekondi and Takoradi. It is also the largest city in the Western Region.

The city is now a hotspot for commercial and industrial activities after crude oil was discovered in commercial quantities. But before the new attraction, the city has been known for fishing activities for years.

Tourists who venture out of Accra to find a place of relaxation and leisure would choose Takoradi because the city is dotted with serene beachside and market areas. The feeling of pleasure and enjoyment mixed with the daily work life of the people makes the city compelling. Also, the famed Takoradi Harbor and historic forts are in range.

The beaches in Takoradi are tidy with a lot of busy activities such as fishing, boat riding, beach football, and volleyball.

Those who want to have an exclusive time and enjoy the beach must consider the following places;

The Western Plus Atlantic Hotel

This modern hotel is located on the prestigious beach road which is 5 minutes away from the beach.  It is surrounded by other attractions like Casino, Takoradi Golf Club, Shopping centers, and many others. Takoradi airport and railway staying are very close to the hotel.

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea from the comfort of the hotel. It has become an ideal location for people seeking for vacations, family trips, and romantic moments.

The hotel has 56 fully furnished rooms with all the needed facilities to match international standards. Besides, the hotel serves local and international cuisine. The accommodation prices vary depending on your room type.

For those who love to play, sail and fish, the Atlantic is the best spot for you.

Planter’s Lodge &Spa

The Lodge is a 44-bedroom hotel located close to the beach. Historically, British colonial officials stayed in the lodge overnight before flying out of the city. Till date, it is one of the finest residences for tourists to consider in Takoradi.

The hotel is 15 minutes’ drive away from the airport and a few steps away from the beach. The property is also fully furnished with the needed facilities that create lasting memories for visitors. It has a restaurant which serves both local and continental dishes.

The accommodation prices are affordable. It is considered one of the best homes for both business and leisure guests.

For tourists who are still looking for places to have the best of leisure, it is important to consider the above beaches in their regions. You are guaranteed safety and a long-lasting memory of your journey.

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