Best Beaches In Ghana

Ghana is one of the favorite destinations for tourists across the continent. The country has prided itself on cultural tourism, heritage tourism, recreational tourism, and adventure tourism. 

Some of the most patronized tourist destinations in the country are the beaches. Ghana’s coastline stretches 560 kilometers (350 miles) from Aflao in the Volta Region to Cape Three Points in the Western Region. Many beaches have dotted these coastlines stretch with the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The popular urban beaches along the Accra coastline that offer an exquisite experience for tourists (locals or expatriates) are Kokrobite beach, Labadi beach, and Bojo beach. 


Best Beaches In Ghana

Kokrobite is a fishing town located on the Atlantic Coast of the Ga South Municipality. It is considered one of the best beaches with beautiful sunsets, an excellent chill-out venue, long beach walks, and fun-filled activities.  It is a 45-minute drive away from Central Accra, Ghana. it is one hour drive from the airport (Kotoka International Airport), 30 minutes away from Ghana’s most prestigious and elegant gated community, Edens Heights. 

The serene environment and quirky atmosphere at the Kokrobite provide an exceptional opportunity for visitors to participate in activities to make their leisure feel at home. Tourists who cherish sandy beaches with palm trees serving as a shade with a breathtaking blue ocean view will consider Kokrobite. 

The beach offers tourist opportunities to enjoy these activities: 

  • Swimming and surfing 

  • Purchasing artifacts, cloths, and made in Ghana products from different vendors with stands at affordable price

  • Playing beach football

  • Relaxing whiles watching boats on the shore

  • Having a lovely nightlife with music and dance

  • Enjoying international and local cuisine at various restaurants close to the beach

The beach is close to guesthouses, motels, hotels, and residential developments. Big Milly’s Backyard, Korkor Inn, Kokrobite Garden, De Holiday hotel are a few of the places one can consider at an affordable price. These hotels have the best local and international cuisine with a serene environment for a comfortable stay. 

Visitors who wish to buy an apartment closer to the beaches can consider Edens Heights. Edens Heights is an elegant-gated community with a grade ‘A’ finishing of its apartments and penthouses. The property is about 30 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport and five (5) minutes walk from the West Hills Mall.  It has approximately 1,272 grandeur apartments and 40 penthouses. 

Kokrobite beach is the best option for visitors seeking to spend quality time and a family day out.  


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Labadi Beach is considered one of the busiest and most popular dotted beaches at the Accra Coastline. It is officially named La Pleasure beach. It is situated in La, popularly known as Labadi, near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The La Dade-Kotopon Municipality is bounded on the south by the Gulf of Guinea, and this provides an avenue for fishing for the indigenous people.

It offers visitors an urban beach experience with numerous beachside activities. The clean sandy beachfront with the Atlantic Ocean crashing the shore is a spectacular sight to behold. It has coconut trees beautifully dispersed with umbrellas, plastic chairs, and tables to accommodate visitors. 

The fun-filled activities at the beach include beach volleyball and football, horseback riding, swimming, and enjoying life band music whiles relaxing at night. 

Since the beach is a public space, many Art Stores sell artifacts. The stores have wooden masks, traditional beads, rings, traditional and religious artwork, and many others. 

Some of the best cuisines and locally made drinks are sold at the beach bar at a good rate. The beach has a hookah bar for smoking. 

For accommodation for our guests, the Labadi beach hotel and La Palm Royal Hotel are considered the safest and nearest.  

In addition, the Municipality also hosts several shopping malls such as the Accra Shopping Mall, Koala Shopping Mall, and Marina Mall. It also houses luxurious hotels, several financial institutions, the Kotoka International Airport, and the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre. Accessibility to all these places is very close and easy from the beach.



The Bojo beach resort is a private man-made island located next to the Densu River Delta in Accra and meters wide from the Atlantic Ocean. The uniqueness of the beach rests on its location. Visitors have to cross the river to enjoy the spectacular beach resort. 

The beach resort sits in one of the fast-growing locations in Bortianor, Accra. It is 30-40 minutes away from the Kotoka International airport, Accra-central, West Hills Malls, and other exciting spots.  One of the exclusive, most iconic, contemporary, and luxurious residential gated communities is that has redefined the community is Edens Heights. The exceptionally designed gated community has 1232 apartments and 40 penthouses. 

Bojo Beach has an outdoor pool, restaurants, small canopies, stationary umbrellas with thatched roofs, and benches that ensure the comfort of the visitors. 

Some of the variety of recreational activities at the Bojo Beach resort include;

  • beach volleyball and football; 
  • horseback riding; 
  • cycling;
  • sea fishing; 
  • water skiing.
  • Boat and canoe riding

Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurants that serve plates of seafood, local and international cuisines. There is a mini-bar which offers a variety of drinks. A snack bar and banquet facilities are also available for visitors. 

Bojo beach resort comes with exquisite hotel accommodation with conference facilities.  It comprises 35 guest rooms and suites that provide comfort and unrivaled services. Some of the guest rooms are positioned to enjoy the view of the sea, mountains, or lake. The guest rooms come with a private bathroom, TV, WIFI, bathtub, shower, desk, and many others. The resort has a conference room for different events including business meetings, weddings, or retreats. 

The resort beaches offer rescue services for their visitors. Lifeguards in the reflective gears are readily available on-site to ensure the safety of the visitors. 

To conclude, there are many beaches in Accra with world-class amenities. However, visitors looking for adventurous and exciting experiences can consider these beaches. 

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