An apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies part of a larger building, generally on a single story. These are usually found in places where lands are very expensive for individuals to acquire. One advantage of apartment units is that there is ample land left for other purposes. 

Apartment Living in Ghana

In Ghana, there are several real estate developers putting up all kinds of edifices to meet the demands of both local and foreign buyers and tenants. These properties can be used for commercial, residential, or industrial causes. Among the most popular establishments for residential living are townhouses, gated communities, and apartments. In modern times, developers have taken to apartment living because it helps save the land and is relatively cheaper when compared to individual lands which sometimes may be litigation-prone especially if the land is in the main city. 

There are a lot of benefits that come with living in an apartment. They include:

Security is a prime necessity for individuals and families. Most people prioritize their safety and that of their family when purchasing or renting a property. Therefore, property developers in Ghana ensure dwellers receive maximum protection for 24hrs a week. Eden Heights is among the select few where you are assured of gated 24hr security and protection services to ensure you and your family are safe.

If you live in an apartment, you relish a great level of amenities that independent dwellers most probably won’t have. Access to sports facilities such as the one at Eden Heights(a world-class sporting facility), uninterrupted water flow and power supply, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities needed to further refine and make life more comfortable are some of the amenities that come with apartments.

With all the amenities at your disposal, living in a serene environment makes your living conditions convenient for your lifestyle. 

Apartment living ensures you enjoy privacy with yourself and your family with no unwarranted invasion. Eden Heights goes a step higher in maximizing privacy by having soundproof walls. This means you can throw your house party or relax to soothing music on full blast without disturbing your neighbor.

Facility management
You don’t need to worry about maintaining and renovating your apartment because your developers take that responsibility. Developers ensure that facilities and water are well managed for their occupants to have a stress-free stay.

Renting Apartments in Accra
Certainly, not everyone may want to buy an apartment. A company might want to rent one for its employees and associates to ensure they thrive in a space that makes them highly productive. With a couple of trusted property developers, homeowners, and real estate agents in the country, there are a lot of luxury apartments for rent in Accra. Some of these developers have an online presence on platforms such as websites, local listings, real estate marketplaces, and social media networks. You may access a compilation of trusted online sources in this article

Here are some reasons to rent apartments in Accra

  1. Most of the apartment complexes are closer to the airport 
  2. Access to Accra Mall and the largest mall in West Africa, West Hills Mall in Accra.
  3. Visit some of the most popular sights like Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Jamestown Lighthouse, etc.
  4. It is the Capital of Ghana and business is booming

Now that we are informed of the benefits associated with living in apartments and the renting scene in Accra, let’s take a look at some of the biggest misconceptions people have about apartments.

Misconceptions About Apartments
In life, the beautiful, or rather the finer and luxurious things do not come easy. Many times we may succumb to trends or follow the majority to settle for ‘the ordinary. However, only a select few hews to their ideals and plonk to their interests. This is the case of buying and selling apartments in Ghana. 

Most people rescind and even in some scenarios repel the idea of purchasing or investing in luxury apartments because of the falsities spread by the less informed. The common misconception is that, if you live in a luxury apartment you appear too rich and people begin to question your source of wealth. However, when you look at the big picture, most people do not purchase or rent a home to flaunt their wealth; instead, it is primarily for finding peace and living comfortably. 

In the next paragraph, we shed more light on some of these myths and fallacies on apartment living and owning apartments. Optimistically, this piece will help renege some of the most common misconceptions about apartment living.

Compared to independent houses, people consider apartment living to be expensive and they claim that developers charge exorbitant prices for their properties. Despite an iota of truth in their claims, the return on investing in an apartment for personal use is worth it considering the amenities available to you. Having regular access to amenities such as water, swimming pools, gym, and sports facilities ensures quality living and easy life. 

No social life
There is a misconception that living in an apartment equals a sedentary social life. This is untrue. You are exposed to amenities for endless entertainment when you live in an apartment. You can also expand your network by interacting with your neighbors.

Lack of Privacy
Contrary to the claim that apartment living lacks privacy, it is indeed the opposite. Apartments are one of the few types of property that give dwellers utmost privacy. These apartment units are designed in a way that you and your family don’t share building amenities such as private and washrooms. Apartments at Eden Heights have a distinct feature of soundproof walls.

Cheap Build
There are some misconceptions on the quality of things being used in building apartments as quite a number of people believe because some apartments are affordable the materials used in furnishing are of cheap quality but that is not true. Actually, apartment buildings are held to higher and stricter standards as compared to other residential buildings.

Fear Of Landlord / Property Owner Prying
Some people believe owners of the apartments they rent have spare keys and can be visiting when they are not around. That is not the case, apartment owners do not come and snake around when you are out to work or on trips. These visits are usually scheduled at an agreed time before they come in.

Landlords Pay All
People believe when they move into an apartment, anything that breaks or get spoilt is supposed to be fixed by the property owner and that is not the case, most landlords give you contracts to sign and these issues are all outlined and should you damage anything in the property you will have to get it fixed and that will be out of your own pocket.

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