Eden Heights Apartment

Moving into a new apartment at the luxurious Eden Heights development in Accra, Ghana is an exciting experience. With spacious, modern units featuring upscale finishes and amenities, you likely want to decorate your new home in a way that reflects your personal style. Decorating a larger apartment can seem intimidating at first. But with some planning, creativity, and these helpful decorating tips, you can transform your Eden Heights apartment into a comfortable, inviting, and stylish home.

Assess the Space and Create a Decorating Plan

When taking on decorating your new Eden Heights apartment, first step back and objectively assess the space. Consider the following:

  • Layout and dimensions – Note the apartment’s overall size and layout, including the sizes of rooms and hallways. This will help inform what size furniture can fit where.
  • Lighting – Large windows likely allow ample natural light. But identify where task lighting or overhead fixtures are needed.
  • Existing finishes and features – Upscale touches like hardwood floors and granite countertops make neutral foundations to build upon.
  • Flow between rooms – A more open-concept floor plan allows flexibility in decorating, while closed-off rooms need individual schemes.

Once you’ve assessed the “blank canvas,” map out your vision. Sketch ideas for furniture arrangement in each room, pinpoint focal points, and decide on an overall decorating style. Eclectic, modern, traditional, and contemporary are popular options. Remember – large, open spaces can handle more boldness!

Decide on a colour palette and themes for each room. Use your sketched layouts to formulate a purchasing plan for furnishings, lighting, and decor essentials. Budget for items not provided by Eden Heights, like furniture. With proper planning, soon you’ll have the perfect finishing touches.

Select the Right Furniture and Lighting

Furnishing and lighting an apartment of any size can be challenging. For larger Eden Heights units, scale and proportions are key. Follow these tips when choosing pieces:

  • Living Rooms – Opt for a large, well-structured sofa as the anchor. Flank with armchairs. Add accent seating like ottomans. Include a sizable coffee table with surface space. Position an entertainment centre or shelving unit appropriately.
  • Dining Rooms – Allow at least 36 inches around a table for seating and traffic flow. Size the table for daily use and entertaining if desired. Incorporate a china cabinet, buffet table, or hutch for storage.
  • Bedrooms – Measure rooms carefully. Don’t overcrowd with too large a bed. Nightstands, dressers, and a seating bench or chair are ideal proportions.
  • Multipurpose Rooms – A spare room could be a home office, library, or guest room. Choose versatile furnishings like a convertible desk/table, a sleeper sofa, and portable lighting.

For lighting, mix overhead fixtures, lamps, and accent lighting. Use dimmers, smart technology, and programmable timers for ultimate control. Position lighting to highlight decor and illuminate living spaces appropriately.

Choose Impactful Decor Pieces and Artwork

Well-chosen accent pieces personalize a space and give it character. When decorating your Eden Heights apartment, look for:

  • Sculptures – For open floor plans, large-scale sculptures make a statement. Abstract shapes and forms work across styles.
  • Wall Art – Oversized artwork draws the eye. Gallery walls beautifully arrange groupings of framed prints and photos.
  • Mirrors – Strategically placed mirrors enlarge spaces visually. Hang horizontally over sofas, vertically in tight areas, or scaled to ceilings.
  • House Plants – Greenery enhances any decor. Certain large plants like fiddle leaf figs make dramatic impacts. Cluster smaller plants for bursts of life.
  • Rugs – Area rugs define living spaces within open concepts. Opt for large-scale rugs bigger than sofas and seating areas. Layer smaller rugs under furnishings.
  • Throw Pillows and Blankets – An array of plush pillows and cosy throws provide splashes of colour, warmth, and texture.

Decor accents should reflect your tastes and personality. Display treasured travel souvenirs or locally made art. Let your new Eden Heights apartment feel uniquely you.

Design a Relaxing, Functional Bedroom Retreat

Your Eden Heights bedroom should be soothing and comfortable – your personal sanctuary. When designing this private retreat:

  • Select a tranquil colour scheme in hues like cool blues, greens, and greys that promote relaxation.
  • Incorporate natural textures and fabrics like cotton, linen, and light wool for bedding and window treatments. These appeal to the senses.
  • Include storage such as a dresser, armoire, and nightstands proportioned to your space. Conceal clutter for tranquillity.
  • Add personal touches like photos, meaningful art, soft lighting, books, and small accessories that customize your retreat.
  • Allow room for lounging with a comfy chair or chaise. Tables provide space for lamps, magazines, and beverages to unwind.

Your bedroom should balance style and comfort. Blackout curtains ensure restful sleep. Plush bedding, a serene palette, and purposeful storage provide a peaceful retreat after busy days.

Define Activity Areas Within Open Concept Living Spaces

Eden Heights apartments boast spacious, airy living areas perfect for entertaining. But all that open space can also feel impersonal. Define activity zones within the larger room for intimacy.

Conversation Areas – Angle sofa seating around a coffee table to create an intimate gathering area. Add accent chairs and side tables for beverages.

Media Zones – Place the TV viewing area appropriately, facing sofas and seating. Add media storage and speaker systems.

Dining Spaces – Larger dining tables work well flanked by built-in cabinets or hutches. Define the space with an area rug.

Home Offices – Tuck desk seating into a corner, facing the room. Add bookshelves, file cabinets, and task lighting as needed.

With strategic furniture groupings, rugs, and lighting, open spaces feel welcoming. Multiple defined zones let you decorate each uniquely, adding character. Add greenery and artwork to unite the look.

Incorporate Warm Touches for Coziness

Even in ample square footage, apartments can feel sparse and impersonal. Take advantage of the large Eden Heights floorplans to add thoughtful details that lend cosy appeal.

  • Display books, photos, accessories, and collected items throughout shelves, sideboards, console tables, and wall ledges. This personalization makes a difference.
  • Include plush pillows, soft blankets, cushy rugs, and ambient lighting. Play with textures and lighting to make impersonal spaces more welcoming.
  • Arrange furniture to promote intimate gatherings and connections, not rigid separation. Floating sofas and chairs clustered around tables foster cosiness.
  • Add pops of warmth with touches like fresh flowers, houseplants, aromatherapy candles, textured throw blankets, and area rugs. Appeal to all five senses.
  • Use colour to elicit certain moods. Earth tones, deep hues, and rich neutrals promote cosiness and tranquillity. Avoid sterile whites.

With considered furnishing arrangements and judicious decor additions, even the most cavernous apartment can transform into a warm, welcoming home.

Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

When furnishing a spacious Eden Heights unit, opt for flexible, multifunctional pieces. Furniture that serves several purposes is key for both storage and style. Consider:

  • Ottomans – Choose ottomans with lift-tops for concealed storage, or add removable trays. Use square ottomans as side tables or extra seating.
  • Storage Ottomans – Large, tufted ottomans with ample storage space double as coffee tables or footrests. Use it to stash blankets, games, or media accessories.
  • Benches and Chests – Well-styled benches at the foot of beds or by windows provide seating and hide clutter inside.
  • Console Tables – Narrow consoles fitting tight spaces still offer storage and surfaces. Use behind sofas, in foyers, or hallways.
  • Multi-purpose Chairs – Choose slipper chairs, armchairs, or desk chairs that complement your decor. Move them anywhere extra seating is needed.

With strategic multifunctional furnishings, you can maximize both comfort and storage within your Eden Heights apartment.

Illuminate Your Eden Heights Apartment Impressively

Lighting sets the ambience and functionality of interior spaces. For your spacious Eden Heights apartment, utilize lighting design to make the most of your layout.

Mix Natural and Artificial Light – Take advantage of ample daylight from large windows, but supplement after dark with multiple light sources. Overhead fixtures, lamps, sconces, and accent lighting prevent a cavernous feel.

Use Dimmers – Install dimmers for overhead and task lighting. This allows adjusting brightness for activities like entertaining or resting.

Highlight Architectural Interest – Illuminate attractive features like high ceilings, crown moulding, stonework, and recessed areas with mounted directional lighting.

Create Zones – Define separate activity areas like media spaces, dining areas, and sitting areas with targeted light fixtures and floor lamps.

Play With Dramatic Lighting – Incorporate large hanging pendant lights, chandeliers, or track lighting for bold style statements. Using dimmers, adjust the mood.

Use Ambient Lighting – For overall soft glows, install strips of LED lighting under cabinets, bookshelves, stair treads, or ceilings.

Well-designed lighting transforms impersonal apartments into warm, inviting spaces for entertaining or quiet nights in. When decorating your Eden Heights home, lighting deserves ample consideration.

Incorporate Greenery for Freshness

Nothing enlivens home decor quite like lush greenery. When decorating your spacious Eden Heights apartment, take advantage of the large floorplan to add striking plants. Not only lovely to look at, but plants also improve indoor air quality. Consider these tips:

  • Survey your floor plan and identify areas where large statement plants will make the biggest impact. Foyers, corners, and empty walls offer prime real estate.
  • Choose species that thrive indoors based on your natural light and irrigation plans. Seek advice from reputable nurseries on ideal plants for indoor growth.
  • Select a mixture of sizes, textures, and shapes for visual interest. Combine tall vertical plants, trailing varieties, broad-leafed types, and flowering plants.
  • Groupings of plants in matching or coordinating planters make a bold statement, especially in tighter spaces like hallways and entries.
  • For lower maintenance options, install vertical gardens or living walls in strategic locations. These hydroponic systems need less care.
  • Use greenery to help zone larger spaces. Place smaller potted plants to delineate sitting areas from dining spaces, for example.

With ample lush plants, your Eden Heights apartment will feel fresh, lively, and connected to nature indoors. Just avoid overcrowding your space with too much greenery.

Incorporate Specialty Lighting for Drama

For luxury apartments like those at Eden Heights, creative speciality lighting adds flair. When designing your lighting scheme, consider adding:

  • Track Lighting – Flexible track systems with directional spotlights or pendants illuminate specific zones or focal points dramatically, like over a kitchen island or above a dining table.
  • Cove Lighting – Illuminating a ceiling perimeter or nook creates an ambient glow perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. Use soft white or colours.
  • Picture Lights – Focus attention on displayed art or collections using wired or battery-powered picture lights above focal pieces. Helpful in hallways or sitting areas.
  • Sconces – Mount artistic sconces flanking beds, by seating areas, or in transitional spaces like hallways and foyers. Wall sconces make stylish accents.
  • Smart Technology – Control lighting remotely using voice commands or apps. Set schedules and automate routines for ultimate convenience.
  • Mood Lighting – Use colour-changing bulbs or programmable RGB lighting strips to set different moods for entertaining or relaxation.

With the right blend of overhead, accent, and dramatic speciality lighting, your luxurious Eden Heights apartment becomes a showplace full of style and ambience day or night.

Maximize Storage with Concealed Solutions

Even spacious apartments need efficient storage to contain clutter and supplies. When decorating your Eden Heights unit, incorporate concealed storage solutions to maximize function:

  • Hidden Compartments – Use lift-top coffee tables, hollow ottomans, and couches/beds with storage cavities to stash items out of sight.
  • Disguised Storage – Opt for beds, side tables, consoles, and benches with discreetly hidden drawers or cabinet compartments for tucking away items.
  • Picture Shelves – Wall shelf systems fitting behind displayed art, photos, mirrors, or TVs hold supplies while keeping walls looking neat.
  • Recessed Shelving – Take advantage of unused nooks by installing shelving into recesses in walls for displaying items and hiding clutter.
  • Stylish Baskets – Woven baskets and fabric bins in attractive designs discretely hold items and slide under tables, beds, desks, or onto shelf systems.
  • Freestanding Cabinets – Move modular cabinets styled as accent pieces into rooms as needed. Use for linens, office supplies, dishes, or pantry overflow.

With cleverly concealed storage furniture and organizational solutions, even sprawling Eden Heights units stay orderly and visually serene. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Add Your Personal Touch

Above all, decorating your apartment at Eden Heights should reflect your personality and interests. Add your personal flair using:

  • Meaningful accessories and souvenirs from travels display who you are.
  • Collections of items you’re passionate about, like books, records, or artwork.
  • Photos of loved ones, favourite places, cherished memories, or inspirational quotes.
  • Furnishings with special significance, whether family heirlooms or treat-yourself splurges.
  • Colour palettes, textiles, artwork, and design motifs symbolizing your background or interests.
  • Any distinctive touches enhance your comfort and spark joy.

Eden Heights provides upscale, elegant spaces. Embrace the large floorplans to decorate confidently in ways that resonate most with you. With strategic planning and creative vision, your new home becomes your personal sanctuary.

Settle Into Your Decorated Dream Apartment

With your new Eden Heights apartment decorated in your unique style from top to bottom, it’s time to settle in and start living your best life. Host friends for a stylish housewarming party to show off your hard work. Snap photos throughout the seasons and as you tweak your space over time. Your decorated sanctuary should evolve just as your preferences do.

The decorating process requires dedication and attention to detail. But the payoff is great: an apartment decorated precisely how you imagined, where artful accents merge seamlessly with comfortable furnishings to let your personality shine. Follow this guide and soon you’ll be proudly calling your new Eden Heights apartment home sweet home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions related to decorating an apartment at the Eden Heights development:

What are the rules regarding decorating and renovations at Eden Heights?

Eden Heights owners have freedom over decorating the interior of apartments, with some minor restrictions:

  • Permanent structural changes require approval from the condo board. This includes knocking down walls, moving plumbing or electricity, etc. Minor cosmetic upgrades like paint and flooring are allowed.
  • Hardwood or laminate flooring is permitted as long as proper soundproofing materials are installed underneath.
  • Owners must follow condo bylaws governing window treatments and acceptable window signage. Curtains and blinds visible from outside must meet community standards.
  • No structural additions or major renovations to exterior balconies and terraces. Owners can add aesthetic upgrades like planters and outdoor furniture.

What measurements should I take before decorating?

Measure room dimensions, window sizes, door placements, and existing furniture pieces. This allows you to create a floor plan scaled to your new space so you can visualize furniture arrangements and flow. Also, measure hallways and doorways when shopping for large pieces like sofas and beds.

How much lead time do Eden Heights decor upgrades require?

Expect decorating projects to take anywhere from 2 weeks for a simple refresh to 8 weeks for an extensive redesign involving new furniture, flooring, window treatments, etc. Build in extra time for custom pieces and special orders.

Should I engage a professional interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer can help maximize function and aesthetics in your space. But if working within a set decorating budget, you can certainly execute a DIY apartment makeover yourself. Define your vision and style upfront before purchasing items.

Where can I purchase decor locally near Eden Heights?

Accra has excellent shops carrying home goods, art, and furniture. High-end imports are available at stores like Purple Door. The Makola Market offers colourful textiles, crafts, and housewares. You can also browse furniture showrooms in East Legon.


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