Luxurious Neighbourhoods in Accra

Accra being the capital of Ghana is home to millions of people, some coming to work others looking to relax and have a good time. Accra is also a hotspot for a lot of real estate companies. There are several apartments for rent in Accra Ghana, and this is because of the high demand for luxury living in the capital. Today we are going to be looking at some of the top luxurious neighborhoods in Ghana. You can try exploring these areas during your free time and see how beautiful these communities are.


Luxurious homes in East Cantonments

Cantonment is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Accra in the La Dade Kotopon Municipal district. This residential area has a distinct diplomatic aura. It houses a lot of diplomatic people and top embassies in the country. You will find the Embassy of the United States Of America, the French Embassy, the Mexican Embassy, the Algerian Embassy, and that of the Chinese.  These are just a few embassies that can be found in this residential area. Cantonment is also somewhat situated in the middle of town and you do have easy access to a lot of important and necessary places in town. The Kotoka International airport is just a 20 minutes drive, 37 military hospitals one of the largest in Accra is a 15-minute drive, Labadi beach is also a 15 minutes drive if you are looking to go bask in the sun and a dip in the sea. Looking to have some fun?  Cantonments have some of the top restaurants and pubs in town. You can enjoy some fine dining at Bistro22 or the newly opened BRASA restaurant nearby at Labone. Osu is also a few minutes away where there are many restaurants and fast-food joints, and the city comes alive at night. 

There are also a number of top-class schools in the cantonments area. Ghana International School the most notable of the lot is a top international school with an international curriculum to match its standards. Cantonments is really a top residential area in Accra you should visit sometime

What sets cantonments apart is the heavy security around because of the several embassies and residential apartments in the area. Infrastructure is top of the line as almost every road and the street is paved and is a very calm quiet place and you see people jogging all the time at night and in the mornings. If you are also in search of a studio apartment for sale in Accra, cantonments houses quite a number of apartments that have been put up by various Realty companies, and looking for Accra luxury apartments cantonments should not be an issue.

Airport Residential Area

Luxury apartment in Airport

Airport Residential as the name suggests is just a 10 minutes drive away from Kotoka International airport and 15 minutes drive from Accra Mall. This high-class residential area houses a number of short-stay furnished apartments in Accra, Embassies, and office complexes. There are quite a number of good private schools that can be found in the airport area.  The neighborhood has numerous well-maintained streets lined with trees that give off a beautiful serene scene. The evening atmosphere is also lit with a stream of beautiful street lights that lineup and beautify the area. The Airport Residential area is generally considered a safe and attractive location for many expatriates but it is advisable not to be out too late after 10 pm on foot as thieves and robbers tend to attack people because of how quiet it gets at night and most people use private security on their property. That is just on the downside, apart from that this is definitely one of the top residential neighborhoods to find yourself visiting or staying for longer periods.

East Legon

Luxury home in East Legon

East Legon is home to some of the most beautiful houses you will find in a residential area. Aside from all the real estate developments going on in this residential area, there are a number of beautiful privately owned homes that contribute to the beauty of this area. Just a 30 minutes drive from the airport, East Legon is one of the few residential areas in Accra that have a mall, world-class sporting facilities, and a number of clubs and pubs for people that enjoy the nightlife. East Legon has many private schools and universities for families looking to settle there and have their kids going to school. 

One of the main landmarks in East Legon is the A&C Mall, which is full of restaurants, perfume shops, ice cream shops, and other shopping centers. There is also a fully equipped gym where a lot of residences go to keep fit and often they can take a swim in the large pool right in front of the gym. East Legon has a number of private hospitals in the vicinity should you fall ill. 

East Legon is also a friendly location for businesses. There are a number of private companies that are located within the East Legon area. From fast food to classy restaurants, East Legon offers so much variety for its residents. Being one of the few high-class places in town there are also a number of apartments for sale in East Legon Accra that have been put up by realty companies to provide more accommodation for the growing community. 


Luxury apartment In Labone

Labone, just like Cantonments, is also one of the old residential areas you can find today in the city of Accra. This neighborhood is somewhat in the middle of cantonments and Osu, so you get to enjoy both sides of town when you live here. Labone has both residential and commercial properties in the area. Living here serves you a certain peace and quiet that comes with almost every first-class residential neighborhood. There are a number of beautiful apartments that have been put up in recent times and this is because of its prime location and demand for people looking to live in such prime neighborhoods in search of studio apartments for rent in Accra. Studio apartments are not as expensive as one and two-bedroom apartments and are good enough for young couples that will like to move into a Porsche neighborhood. If you are not looking to rent, Labone also offers studio apartments for sale in Accra  There are both private and Government schools in the area as well as a number of banks where you can conduct business and transactions. Labone is a 15minutes drive from the Kotoka international airport and a 5 minutes drive to Osu if you looking to get some food or have some fun at night.  There are also quite a number of hospitals in the area and makes access to healthcare services a bit easy for residents.

There are quite a number of neighborhoods we could speak on in this article but this is all the time we have, for now, we will definitely shed some more light on a few more prestigious places you can live in Accra. 

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