luxury apartments for sale in Accra

Accra is the capital of Ghana and is inhabited by over 1.5 million people and is the most populous city in the country. Aside from the many businesses, 4 and 5-star hotels, and luxurious restaurants, Accra houses many luxury apartments that are up for sale and some for rent. Luxury living in Accra is Ideal for anyone that can afford it, today we will be focusing on some luxury apartments for sale right in the heart of Accra.

A luxury apartment with stunning interiors is a dream for many Ghanaians and expatriates alike.  The demand for luxury accommodation is fast growing in the city of Accra, these luxury apartments are fitted with state of the art facilities, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, reliable fast internet and obviously 24hr security.

There are various apartments for sale in Accra that even if we decided to write a full blog on every single one of them it will take forever to finish. Aside from the flashy lights of the big city, living on the outskirts of Accra also comes with its own advantages.

Eden Heights is one development that gives you the option to live in the outskirts of Accra but still have the feeling of being in the city with all its world-class facilities and luxury interiors. Just a 30 minutes drive away from the airport and 5 minutes walk from the Biggest mall in Ghana, Eden Heights offers a home away from home for many looking to purchase a luxury apartment. With the construction of new roads connecting Kasoa and Weija to Accra, you do not even realize you are out of town.

Choosing to Buy property in the outskirts of Accra should not be so difficult especially when Eden Heights is in the conversation. Aside from luxurious living, you can easily access roads to Cape Coast and other Major towns in Ghana. Eden Heights is located at a vital point and access to all your day to day necessities is not a problem.

Eden Heights offers a unique residential space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and luxury in addition to a world-class sports facility, on-site management office, ample parking, and a very serene environment.

The facilities at Eden Heights are world-class and have the perfect surroundings for families as well. Fully fitted with a world-class sports complex that houses an indoor basketball court, state of the art astroturf football field, a tennis court, and a fully fitted gym. Eden Heights definitely provides you with all the luxuries you need.

You can be rest assured of the safety of your kids and family with their top 24-hour security, nothing goes unnoticed.

Why Get A luxury Apartment Outside Accra

By now you might be wondering why you should own a luxurious property in the outskirts of Accra. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a luxury apartment in the outskirts of Accra.

Enjoy a Diverse landscape

Living in the outskirts of Accra gives you the opportunity to enjoy a diverse landscape, living in the heart of the city you get used to seeing the same roads and building every time. Living outside Accra you get to see the amazing landscapes, the mountains on which several houses are built, lakes with canoes filled with fishers, and also the hawkers selling various snacks and seafood on your way to your residence; it’s is a sight and experience a number of tourists and individuals will enjoy.

Peace and Quiet

If you are one that enjoys having some peace and quiet around you owning a luxury property in the outskirts is definitely for you. The places are less crowded compared to the city and you can definitely enjoy the calm surroundings.

Cost Of Living

Compared to living in the main city, services and amenities around are much cheaper but still offer the same quality. This is one of the benefits of living out of town.

Cleaner air

Moving to the country provides a breath of fresh air – both literally and figuratively. The further away you get from the city, the cleaner the air becomes much better than in urban areas because of the abundant greenery and less pollution from exhaust fumes and congestion amongst others. 

These are just a few advantages that you can enjoy when you choose to live out of town away from the busy lifestyle and fast-paced city life. If this fits your criteria then you definitely need to consider getting a luxury 1 bedroom apartment for yourself if you are a single person or opt-in for a bigger option like a three or four-bedroom luxury apartment.

One notable development that offers you the best luxury can buy is Eden heights. Situated in the outskirts of Accra and a few minutes away from the west Hills mall.

Eden Heights offers a unique residential space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and luxury in addition to a world-class sports facility, on-site management office, ample parking, and a very serene environment. Eden Heights offers one (1) to four (4) bedroom apartments and penthouses within a gated community, all with Grade ‘A’ finishing.

I will share with you a few of our rooms you can choose from if you are looking to purchase luxury property outside of Accra.

One Bedroom Luxury Apartment For Sale 

One Bedroom Luxury Apartment For Sale

Eden heights have one-bedroom luxury apartments for sale and if you are an independent individual looking to get a luxurious apartment out of town, you are definitely going to love living in this gated community. The one-bedroom apartments offered by Eden Heights are definitely comparable to most two-bedroom apartments in Ghana. These one-bedroom units have a starting price of USD$85,050.  Eden Heights also has variants of their one-bedroom luxury apartments, you have the option of going with a one-bedroom with study for extra personal space. These units have a starting price of USD$108,500.

Three Bedroom Luxury Apartments For Sale

Eden Heights provides 3 bedroom options for big family types or people generally looking for more rooms and bigger space for more comfort and luxury. The interior designs are top of the line with an impeccable finish you will fall in love with. The master bedroom has a big bathroom and also an internal closet for all your clothes. These units start from USD$153,860

Four Bedroom Luxury Apartments For Sale

Four Bedroom Luxury Apartments For Sale

 A stunning luxurious and spacious apartment that is a perfect fit for families. The master bedroom is 20.02SQM and you have a living room at 51.80SQM. The master bedroom has a large bath and an extra room also has its own bathroom. Two other rooms have a shared bathroom and toilet which are separated allowing for privacy and ample space. Live comfortably with your family in this deluxe apartment. Take a look at the floor plan below.

Floor plan for luxury apartments

Luxury Penthouse For Sale

Luxury Penthouse For Sale

At Eden Heights, we have these beautifully designed penthouse apartments that give you the space you need with a terrace to host your guests for clients who like to entertain or do not compromise with their living space. Our penthouse is as spacious as a townhome in central Accra but half the price. Enjoy all this lavish space with prices starting from USD$316,194.

I am sure by now you have already made a choice on what unit best fits your budget and matches your immediate needs. Once you purchase an apartment where you have access to all the amazing amenities on the ground. Fully equipped fitness centers, conference facilities and a world-class sports complex, and a swimming pool. 

This goes to show you can equally live a luxurious life outside the city and still have access to the same amenities at half the price it will cost you in the city. Eden Heights should definitely be on your list when looking for luxury apartments in Accra


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